3 day exhibit / thank you Taro!

My old friend and a professional surfer Taro Ishizeki dropped me a line if I was interested in doing an exhibit at his I-Surfer surfing school clubhouse located near Tsujido beach.
I had some new handplanes just about to be done so I said “Sure!”

So I grabbed all available handplanes and joined his exhibit for TZUMUJI summer wetsuits.
The main attraction of my handplane lineup was an art model with Kaokaopanda.


We had couple of visitors coming just to see her artwork and that was no surprise. Kaokaopanda’s artworks are bright, energetic and cheerful! I am very fortunate to be producing collaboration works with her.

Thanks again Taro for your support and thank you all for spending your time to see Mabo Handplanes!

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