About Mabo Handplanes Kamakura


The very beginning of Mabo Handplanes goes way back started of when I started bodysurfing at age 10 when my father, who was an avid bodysurfer from Jones Beach NY showed me how when we lived by Zaimokuza Beach in Kamakura.

It was pretty natural for me to go few steps ahead and took on surfing at age 14 and ever since I have been enjoying riding polyester surfboards in Shichirigahama beach in Kamakura.

Broken board
This 6’3″ shaped by Kerry Tokoro was recycled to become the first “3D RetroFish” and “Double Hander”

Custom shaped handplanes came to life after posting a picture of my surfboard broken into 2 pieces up on Facebook saying “Maybe I should make handplane from this”. seeing this post a long time mentor of mine from KKL Japan offered me to use his shaping bay and all the tools during the weekend!!




Even today Mabo Handplanes are custom shaped in a shaping room within KKL Japan factory.

3D RetroFish
Model 3D RetroFish under digital dip gauge.










-Where are the materials coming from?

Mabo Handplanes are made by recycling unused surfboards, nose/tail parts left over during take down process and shaped experimental surfboards that would not be laminated. I would like to thank everyone for their contribution and providing me the materials

Giving birth to 5 handplanes from a longboard that has fullfilled its duty.


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